PHICG1412003260000 Motorcycle
  • The head cover is the exclusive mould of baotian, which is made of the anti-aging modified PP material
  • The exhaust pipe reaches euro iii standard. The muffler is environmentally friendly and mutes the sound, making your daily journey more comfortable
  • The installation of double rear reduction can increase the carrying capacity of passengers and cargo and more effective shock absorption, thus improving the comfort of the journey
  • In order to adapt to the high sea salt climate in the Philippines, we added a rustproof process and thickened the coating during the tank manufacturing process
Manila CG 1412003460000 Motorcycle
  • In order to meet the requirement of the Philippines for carrying passengers and cargo, the reinforcing plate is specially added at the rear of the frame to increase the load capacity and facilitate the Philippine side three-wheel modification
  • In order to cope with the high sea salt climate in the Philippines, the fender is specially painted on both sides for better anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect
  • Traffic lights can be made more durable by providing extra protection on the turn signal guard bars as they move through congested urban roads
  • Baoda engines are manufactured to Japanese standards and have passed durability tests. The lightweight piston is made of high quality material, with a power output of 0.4 kilowatts and 2.1 newtons meters more than other CG cars
TROTK 1476000260000(K) Motorcycle
  • As this model is specially designed for Philippine side car modification, the bike frame is equipped the collar. This lets you take more people on board
  • Both front and rear wheel are using the wider and long endurance tires, which not only improve the operability and flexibility when driving the motorcycle, but also can provide grip adapt to the different road conditions
  • The new curve seat is not only beautiful, but also comfortable which can reduce the fatigue from a long distance driving. Let you have joyful driving experience
  • This head cover is newly designed by Baotian. We use PP plastic material that can avoid long term damage from the UV light. The material is also very strong that can retain its shape no matter how hard you step on the cover
Golden Fox 1505000160000 Motorcycle
  • Durable engine
  • security
  • Kinematic wind design
  • Modern science and technology
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